July 20, 2010

We saw inception last night.

It was great.

I liked it because it was creative. It was original. It was masterful.

I get irritated when everything is a remake of something else. I say that, although I am not a creatve person and more of a copier myself. But say, when starbucks comes out with a drink…and then every other chain then comes out with their version…drives me bonkers. I feel that way about most things. When a product of some sort is created and does well and then every where you turn there is a carbon copy of that same prodcut, just makes me cringe. Because I want the other companies to use their noggins and create something of their own.

So that is why I liked it. My brain had to concentrate the whole movie. I had to pay attention. To think. It was visually something I hadn’t scene before. They took a fight scene and made them fighting while floating withough gravity. It was original.

I also left a bit confused. Which is good. Didn’t wrap it up with a bow. It left me thinking about it, I dare say dreaming about it, and waking up pondering it.

Because I am not what I call a creative…Someone who can create something from nothing…I marvel at it. I am in awe by people who create music. art. buidings. clothing. It amazes me. So when I see something that was original, not copied, from someones brain, I want to stand up and applaud. Because it is spectacular to me that people can do that!

So to those who created inception, thank you. It was a work of creative, confusing, art. I applaud you.