I remember a time when summer would begin. And I would sleep in till 10. I’d maybe go swimming at my friends pool. I’d come home after hours of swimming and take a nap. After dinner, I’d play a rousing game of neighborhood hide n seek or sardines in a can with my friends until it got dark. I’d watch some shows on tv…. a little star trek the next generation. I’d go up to my room and turn on the radio…no such thing as ipods or mp3s….and listen to the open house party radio show. Then I’d start the process over again the next day.

Those were awesome times. I remember thinking how bored I was. Crazy to think now. What I wouldn’t give to not have a care in the world.

Fast forward to today. Summertime is just like any other season of the year. Only its hot. Life is still busy. Work still continues. Kids still need fed. Laundry still needs done. Bills still need paid. Church still needs planted.

But there is a light in the busyness of life tunnel. That is a vacation. And ours is coming up in a few days. I can not wait. I hope to not speak of work. I hope to not speak of bills. I hope to not speak of what we have to do in order for x y and z to happen. I hope to decompress from all that has been in 2010 and have a bunch of  summertime fun. Hang with family and friends. And relax. And recreate my summatimes back in the day! 🙂

So what were your summers like back in the day?

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