Whats the song?

One of my new years resolutions was to get healthy. Eat better and exercise. And I  am proud to say that I have been pretty consistent with those things. The results are not as quick as I had imagined them to be but there are results none the less.

It is no secret that I think exercise is awful. I do not enjoy it one bit. But I have tried to maintain some sort of workout 4-5 times a week since January. Lately it’s been barely 3 times a week. I’ve hit a plateau and lost my drive. The only thing that keeps me going during a workout is music. I have to have some upbeat fun songs to energize me.

I’ve found when I have about 5 minutes left on the elliptical or treadmill, I want to quit. But if a good song comes on the ipod, I’ll keep going. But I need more songs, because I’m finding that my go to songs are not getting me through. I need your help! What is your song? What is your favorite gotta keep going, last five minutes, motivational song?


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