My Mug

This is my favorite mug. I have had this mug for 8 years. Coffee tastes better in this mug than any other mug I have. It represents the best city on the planet. I even have miniature version of this mug that I hang on my christmas tree. I acquired this mug my first year working for Starbucks. Yes, that’s right. I have worked for Starbucks for 8 years. That is either  really sad or a great accomplishment. The jury is still out on that one.

I actually got this mug for free. Someone returned it because it had a flaw. There was a tiny crack on the handle. So I took it home. A free mug with a tiny crack is still a free mug. I have enjoyed thousands of cups of coffee in this mug. contemplated life with every caffeinated sip. You see, just like this cup, I am flawed but can still be used.

I was devastated when I opened up my dishwasher last week and saw that after 8 glorious years my mug had given up. It had been so strong. A survivor. But it finally let go. This mug parallels my life in many ways…well and Jacks too but lets focus on me….When it broke I had to ask myself if it was time for me to let go too. I’m still contemplating that decision but the mug is helping me push toward that decision. Thanks Starbucks chicago mug, I’ve loved you.

Oh, and I don’t think they make these mugs anymore because they have changed the design that is not as cool. IMO. So sad.


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