Ethan Stewart Williams

My 1st born is 7 today.

When Ethan came into this world he came with a bang. It was dramatic. And unique.  And he has been dramatic and unique ever since. His will is so very strong. Always has been. I hope, always will be. He loves legos and technology. He does not however, love sports….but we are still working on that. He has always always been the smartest kid. Could read things at 2. He is so inquisitive. Wants to know the hows and whys of things. In kindergarten his teacher said he was the most advanced child in the class. He is being tested right now for the gifted program in his new school district. I have a dream for him to be all that he can be. To live life to the fullest. To love God with all of his heart. I pray everyday that I am the best mother I can be to him. That we are as close as a mother and son can be. And that I don’t screw him up with my own junk.

Ethan I love you. You bring joy to my life. You are the most gorgeous boy in the room and you have what it takes.

Concentrating on his lines before his school musical

He wanted me to take his picture with this toy.


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