AI girls

Alright, now, the judges of american idol said that this is the best talent year ever. i’m not seeing it. there are a few gems…but they are not impressing me just yet.

I don’t know the names of the people at this point but my favorite girl so far is the young blonde tall curly haired girl. she isn’t choosing the right songs but as far as voices go, she has the best. 2nd is the dreadlock girl, she has raw talent but she doesn’t seem happy which makes me sad. A side note from the girls, Nate likes the red haired girl. He said he thinks his hair looks like hers! Ha!

The judges this year are annoying me. First they want people to be orginal and change up the music and then when the contestants do it, they say its too much. I love Simon but he just seems like he has checked out already.

Thats my run down for today.


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