Today isn’t a juicy confession. Sorry to disappoint. I couldn’t think of a juicy one.

But I am over intrigued with music/song writing. I listen to a song and I think about all its parts, the words, the drums, the guitar riffs. And I’m usually thinking “how did they come up with that?” “did the words come first or the melody?” “did they start just jamming and decide they wanted it to sound like this?”  For instance, when Joey ad-libs with the piano (or as he says “tickles the keys”) or DJ uses the ebow to enhance the song, or Tommy writes a song from scratch, I am so impressed. If you ask Nate, he will confirm that if I find a song I am really really into, I’ll make him listen to it, the whole thing, and he can’t be on his iphone or computer but I want him to appreciate what I am hearing.

I don’t have this gift. I don’t get melodies in my head. But I am utterly amazed by the people who do. I don’t view myself as creative. If you hand me a blank page I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I do, however, like to call myself “quality control” because if you hand me a page full of things, I can add or take away things that, in my opinion, would make it better. I need a jumping off point.

So yeah, I like music a little too much…just not gifted enough to create it. And most people don’t listen to parts of a song like I do. So don’t be surprised when you come to our house, chances are there will be music playing all the time. That is my non-juicy confession for this Tuesday.


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