Its Tuesday and you know what that means.

Tuesday confession!

I read this today :

If you cover your sin, God will expose it.  If you expose your sin, God will cover it. David exposed himself, he dealt with the consequences and then moved forward in God’s grace.

While my Tuesday confessions might not always involve some sin or deep spiritual insight, I believe in this quote whole heartedly. Its so good to let it out, ya know? Acting as if you’ve got it all together is just a farce. You don’t and we know it. I am leery of people who seem to have no flaws…or even worse, don’t admit them.

With that today I’m going to confess something. I’m not throwing my husband under the bus with this but, well, here goes. About 3 months ago, my husband and mother got my couch down to the basement, that is a long story so I’ll just get to the point, the walls needed some TLC after the event. He graciously spackeled and painted the walls. He cleaned out the paint brush in the kitchen sink and then left the paint brush to dry in the dish rack……………the paint brush is still there. 3. months. later.

Now my confession is, that a better woman than I, would put the brush back where it goes being thankful that her wonderful husband got the couch in the basement AND fixed the walls. But not me. I don’t want to put the paint brush back, I want him to. Why you ask? I don’t know, maybe its because I pick up and clean and take care of everything around here that I want him to just complete his own tasks, maybe its because I’m lazy, I honestly don’t know why I won’t just put it back myself. I haven’t said anything to him about it at all, I’m not bitter or angry about it.  I just want to see how long that paint brush will stay in the sink. Silly? Yes. Fun? Yes. Makes me a little weird? Yep, but that is no secret! 🙂

So what would you do?

P.S. I can’t wait until he needs the brush again someday and asks “Hey, the paint brush isn’t with the paint supplies, do you know where it is?” I guarantee that day will come and I can’t wait.


4 Responses to Its Tuesday and you know what that means.

  1. Shelley says:

    Jill, I am the same way.
    I wait and wait for my husband to pick something up. Honestly he could care less. Honestly he forgets. Its not important to him. And I am trying to get over the fact that this doesn’t mean he doesn’t love me. Its just not in his priorities. And even if I want it to be, for him to show me he loves me, it doesn’t change him. So I build up all this resentment for nothing. Believe me, I go through this a lot.

    • Jill Williams says:

      well i’ve been married long enough to think this is funny. no resentment from me. but i get it for sure.

  2. jburbs77 says:

    hey Jill. I have just started back into the WordPress world and I have come across your blog again. I love hearing/seeing how you guys are doing.

    I love this blog. There have been so many times that I have walked by something so many times just to see how long it would actually be there if I didn’t pick it up-and if anyone would notice. It just made me go crazy! Do you remember the “Everybody Loves Raymond” episode with the suitcase…it is a funny one. But I just heard this story of a ministers wife who had 3 kids and a husband, who would pour their laundry down the laundry shoot that ended in the basement. She would spent her Monday-all day- sorting laundry. She started getting really negative in her thoughts as she had to put things right side out and un-ball the socks and such. By the time her family was home for the evening, she was on edge and moody. She decided to combat this by using the clothes to remind her to pray for her family. She would pick up a sock and say-“bless his feet Lord throughout this day” and undies of her children-“keep them pure”, etc. She continued this through the house to where if she found a disregarded shoe/toy and take time to say a one line prayer. I loved this story-it has changed my way of picking up after my 4 guys!!
    Thanks for sharing! I enjoy keeping up with you guys!

    • Jill Williams says:

      hey jessica! so glad your reading…i check in on your blog from time to time. keep writing! those boys of yours are heatbreakers!!!!!

      I love what you wrote about praying for them as i pick up after them. good idea!

      love you guys!

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