Tuesday Confessions

Tuesdays are my Saturdays. Which means that I don’t work at the bux but I do have a slew of things that a wife and mother must take care of. You know the usual, laundry, cleaning, dusting, dishes, vacuuming, toilets, bills, grocery shopping, spending time with Abbey, etc. I would love a sabaoth and someday I want to figure out how that will ever be possible. But for now, this is it.

I usually have a few minutes to blog on Tuesdays and I’ve found that I usually confess things on Tuesdays. So I thought I would try to create that trend.

My confession today is that its Wednesday and I didn’t blog yesterday. Nah, thats not my confession. My confession is that I LOVE reality tv. American Idol, Survivor, Biggest Loser. That is what I like right now. I also like a few scripted shows for instance LOST, 30 Rock and Greys. I love my DVR thats all I gotta say.

So my recap of last night is that I really like the curly blonde chick on American Idol as well as the dread lock girl. Remember, I’m not a voter so we shall see what the outcome is.

LOST, they keep saying “Questions will be answered.” They are lying. Only a few more episodes left and still more questions. At this point I’ve given up getting answers. Now all I really want to know is, will Jack and Kate find love? Thats all.

Having biggest loser and 30 rock withdraws. Darn Ice Dancing.

Welp, that’s all for today which is really my Sunday.


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