Isn’t she lovely

Today is Abbey Ann Williams’ 4th birthday.

Abbey’s name means joy of the father. She is just that. She is our joy. 4 years ago she was born and stole our hearts! She is all girl. Pink and white are her favorite colors. She loves to dress up in princess dresses every day. She is such a fun little girl. She is smart, very sensitve, stubborn and shy. You will be lucky if you can get her to say hello back to you. But once she warms up to you, you will be smitten.

I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday and she said that she wanted to go to Chucky Cheese’s. She has only been there one other time but to her that is the birthday place. She wanted a chocolate princess birthday cake. And we took her to build a bear to make her very own bear. She choose a bunny.

I look forward to being her best friend and her mother. I can’t wait to see who she becomes. I pray over my children every night the same prayer : Let them grow in wisdom and stature and find favor with God and man. I pray that for Abbey.

Her first year

Just this past year Abbey started really getting hair. She has “crazy hair” the name we affectionately call it. Its growing on top, and not growing underneath almost like in the 80’s when people shaved under their hair. Its curly in places and straight in others. Its usually a hot mess and we LOVE it.

Holding on for dear life on this wild ride

“Fuzzy Bunny”


One Response to Isn’t she lovely

  1. jburbs77 says:

    Happy Birthday to Abbey! I can’t believe she is 4!

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