Luke 12:48 says that to whom much is given, much is required.

When I read this verse it scares me and inspires me at the same time.

There are times when my flesh is weak and I look back at my life and think haven’t I given everything?  My parents were pastors and our lives revolved around church, I went to bible college, spent the last 11 years serving in churches. My flesh sometimes says….what could you have done if you hadn’t chosen that path? What would your life look like? Would Nate be designing videos and graphics for major companies? Would I have pursued music and done that professionally? Would we be rich? Would that have made us happier?

My flesh always looses though. Because I know I haven’t given enough. Much has been given to me. Much more than I can ever ever give back to God. I am blessed beyond anything I could have ever hoped for. The gifts, talents, provisions that have been given to this family will always be used to help people find their way back to God. And even if I had chosen another path…I would still give what I have back to Him however that would look like.

So just like a good old fashioned bar fight, my flesh looses and I’m inspired by Luke 12:48. I have been given much. And so much more is required. And I am ready to see what that will look like for me in 2010.

What about you? Have you been given much in your talents, in your finances, in who you are? If so, much is required. Take a look at how you can give back….are you ready to give?


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