I wish stores had “dislike” buttons

My small group decided to help a family in need this holiday season. We worked with “Liberty Christmas Tree” that provides groceries and gifts to the under resourced. Liberty schools did a can food drive and the chamber of commerce donated 20 dollars a child and asked for people to donate whatever else they could. We provided for 2 children and a mother. The chamber gave us a 40 dollar gift certificate to be used at a chamber supported store  and we then added to that to buy for the family. Because of the nature of the gifts I had to go to Walmart.


Its never a pleasant experience to go to Walmart so I did some meditating before I went in. Deep breaths. Self talk. If I had access to some calming perscriptions I would have taken those also.

A friday at 1 pm, walmart should be harmless right? Nope. I had to park in what seemed like Nebraska. I think half of Liberty was in that store. After searching for some gifts, I needed to get a video game that had to be unlocked by an employee. There were about 10 people needing games and 1 employee helping each of us individually. So after she would unlock the case, should would then go and ring them up….or take the game to the front in case the person had more shopping to do. TO THE FRONT OF THE STORE. After waiting for my turn, I did some more shopping and then went to pay. Yep, each check out line had 20 people waiting. Finally my turn. The employee did not acknowledge me just began ringing without a sense of urgency I might add. I gave her the gift certificate, and then paid the rest.

Walked back out to Nebraska. Unloaded the gifts, got Abbey in the car. Got to the light and looked at the receipt. I was only given a 20 dollar credit from the gift certificate that was 40 dollars. Anger burned with in me. I was not going to let Walmart have my 20 bucks. So I turned around. Waited in another 20 person line at customer service. They had to call a manager. Who took about 20 minutes to come help. She then had to go to isle 20 to make sure that I was telling the truth. Surprise, I was telling the truth and after about 30 minutes the second time around, I was able to leave with my 20 bucks.

I guess its affordable to shop there and that is why people still do. If walmart could get the customer service piece, by making it a pleasure to shop there and still be affordable, I predict they could increase their buisness monumentally. (not that they need to).

Even after all that, I pray that the family who receives the gifts and food are blessed this season.  For them,  I would do it all over again even if it means going to walmart.


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