My Boy









Ethan is in 1st grade. We had his parent/teacher conference the other night. We weren’t sure what was going to be said. See, Ethan’s name means…strong and constant….and he is that. He has always been a “strong willed” child. He’s grown out of it a bit but now its just more mature. For instance needing to give him the reason why you are doing what you are doing and he has to understand it. But he is a joy. So creative, so smart, so imaginative. His teacher said the same thing. She said he is a leader, he is so smart, she said he is wonderful to have in class. One of the things we are working on with him is staying on task. When she gives table work, everyone races to get there’s done but Ethan is dreaming up the next lego invention. She says he knows what to do and quickly does the work being the last to hand it in.

Nate and I were talking about how much our children are such a mix of the two of us. Ethan is strong like I am but imaginative like Nate. Nate was the same way as Ethan in school but I was always on task wanting to be the first one done.

As a parent, you just want your children to succeed. You want them to learn, and be a productvie member of society. Ethan is such a fun child and I can’t wait to see how his personality develops and what he becomes.



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