Fall Fun






My favorite time of year is Christmastime. But Fall comes in a close second. There’s nothing like wandering around the pumpkin patch. Sipping on cider. The smell of goats and donkeys in your nostrils. Nate gets very excited for all things pumpkin. He and his friend Jason used to do a pumpkin dance when pumpkin rolls, pumpkin crisps and pumpkin pie were around.

We used to have a tradition when we lived in Illinois that we would go to Tanner’s orchard with my Mom. That place was great. It was a few bucks and lots of fun for the kids. Make shift train rides, giant wooden play places, free cider, apple picking, lots of goats, pumpkins, etc. We have been to a few here but they aren’t quite as good as Tanner’s. The best one was Weston Red Barn…there wasn’t much to it but we were with the Restore Family which made it a great time of smores, chats around a bonfie, hot dogs and hayrides.

I think the change of seasons brings about hope for the future. No matter what is going on in your life, when things start changing, its a reminder that something new is on the horizion.



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