Its been a week since my life took a big change from working what seemed like every waking moment to just a measly 25 hours a week. I feel a bit lost with all of this home time I seem to have now.

I need to get into a routine. And it may seem weird, but I feel lost as to what my routine should look like. Because I do work, and its not always the same times but the same 4 days. I need to fit in time with God, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, bills, time with Abbey while Ethan is at school and time with Ethan when he gets home. I’d also like to maybe…just maybe for the first time in about 3 years….exercise.

I need a plan cause thats how I roll. But I am staring at a blank page not sure where to begin with this routine. Is there anyone who has a routine that I can get a jumping off point from??


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