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So its been another long stint without blogging.

But I’m ready to put my thoughts down again. I’ve been running a buisness for the past year and it has taken all of my efforts. It was very rewarding and challenging. I was successful and am proud of what was accomplished.

But when we said “yes” to starting a church in Liberty, Missouri, Nate and I knew we couldn’t keep up the lifestyle that we were doing. So after much prayer and consideration I decided to leave my job in order to allow Nate to focus on the task of starting a church. Finacially it doesn’t make sense, but when does following the call ever make sense?

I will still work at starbucks. Just not as many hours. We need insurance and we also need to support our habit. I’m now praying diligently about whats next. I want so badly to used by Him. I find myself singing “These hands are yours teach them to serve as you please.” Teach is the word that stands out most to me. I have not arrived and have so much to learn. I’m desperate to learn all that He has for me.

So stay tuned to the adventure. Its and exciting and scary ride but it will be worth it all in the end!


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