Move that bus

October 30, 2009

I was priviledged to go to Catalyst this year. A leadership conference in Atlanta. It was 2 days packed full of great information. I have taken away many of the things I heard and have continued to process through it and apply it to my life.

One of the speakers spoke on how we are to reflect the beauty of Christ. I’ve heard that many times in my life but he gave the illustration of that show Extreme Home Makeover. He illustrated the moment when the deserving family gets a look at their new home. The bus moves and the show doesn’t cut straight to the home showing all its bells and whistles…the camaras go straight to the faces of the family. The joy, the tears, the happiness, the awe, the thankfullness, the excitement, the hope….How they feel about the house is relfected on their faces.

When we have spent time with the true Hope, it should reflect on our face. His beauty should be reflected through us. I want that. I want to reflect the  beauty of the Magnificant.


My Boy

October 29, 2009









Ethan is in 1st grade. We had his parent/teacher conference the other night. We weren’t sure what was going to be said. See, Ethan’s name means…strong and constant….and he is that. He has always been a “strong willed” child. He’s grown out of it a bit but now its just more mature. For instance needing to give him the reason why you are doing what you are doing and he has to understand it. But he is a joy. So creative, so smart, so imaginative. His teacher said the same thing. She said he is a leader, he is so smart, she said he is wonderful to have in class. One of the things we are working on with him is staying on task. When she gives table work, everyone races to get there’s done but Ethan is dreaming up the next lego invention. She says he knows what to do and quickly does the work being the last to hand it in.

Nate and I were talking about how much our children are such a mix of the two of us. Ethan is strong like I am but imaginative like Nate. Nate was the same way as Ethan in school but I was always on task wanting to be the first one done.

As a parent, you just want your children to succeed. You want them to learn, and be a productvie member of society. Ethan is such a fun child and I can’t wait to see how his personality develops and what he becomes.


Fall Fun

October 28, 2009






My favorite time of year is Christmastime. But Fall comes in a close second. There’s nothing like wandering around the pumpkin patch. Sipping on cider. The smell of goats and donkeys in your nostrils. Nate gets very excited for all things pumpkin. He and his friend Jason used to do a pumpkin dance when pumpkin rolls, pumpkin crisps and pumpkin pie were around.

We used to have a tradition when we lived in Illinois that we would go to Tanner’s orchard with my Mom. That place was great. It was a few bucks and lots of fun for the kids. Make shift train rides, giant wooden play places, free cider, apple picking, lots of goats, pumpkins, etc. We have been to a few here but they aren’t quite as good as Tanner’s. The best one was Weston Red Barn…there wasn’t much to it but we were with the Restore Family which made it a great time of smores, chats around a bonfie, hot dogs and hayrides.

I think the change of seasons brings about hope for the future. No matter what is going on in your life, when things start changing, its a reminder that something new is on the horizion.


The Best church Ever

October 25, 2009

I think I serve at the best church ever. We, the “C”hurch, are all in this together no doubt about that but….I’m just saying Restore Community Church is the best church ever. Not only did we start just 2 years ago, helped many people find their way back to God, are changing the spiritual landscape of Kansas City….but, we built a church, school and homes for 120 orphans in Haiti, the 3rd poorest country in the world. Oh and we as a church are supporting those orphans making sure that they have everything they need. A whole community in Haiti is being changed as a result of the generosity of a baby church. Children with nothing, now have something. Education, food, beds, clothes, and hope.

Who knows, Restore may never have a building of their own here in KC but we can say we’ve already built one…in Haiti.

This is what it is all about…hope….to the ends of the earth.

Diet Coke

October 22, 2009


I love me some diet coke. In fact, I love coffee but I have to have a diet coke first thing in the morning…and then coffee. I know, I’m a picture of health and wellness.

I’ve been enjoying the mini cans of diet coke because I never quite end up drinking the whole can. So on Monday I was at SuperTarget and bought some groceries along with my mini cans of diet coke.

Fast forward to today (Thursday) I open the fridge looking for a frosty cold mini diet coke only to find I need to replenish the fridge. Go to my pantry….the shock and horror of it….missing. I panic, did I really go through 2 cases of mini’s?? Then it dawns on me, that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. My precious mini’s were under the cart. I left them there. Only to be enjoyed by some other addict or put back on the shelf. Money, down the drain. I don’t know what is worse, the waste of money or that I have to go back out and get some more mini’s.

Arms High

October 21, 2009

“I’ll stand arms high and heart abandoned, in awe of the One who gave it ALL. I’ll stand my soul to You surrendered. All I am is YOURS”

I find myself realizing more and more everyday how flawed and imperfect I am. Its not anything new, its just becoming more and more apparent to me. My conversations with God have gone from “Well, why in the world did you make me this way?” to “Well, how in the world am I going to change, what steps should I take to prune the bad so the good fruit can come out?”

But today I was listening to a song that says the words above. And really, I don’t know what to say, or what to do but I can just offer this heart to Him, completely. So that is what I will do. If you see me, you’ll see that I am surrendered. I’ll stand with arms high and completely surrendered to Him. And in the process of my surrendering, maybe just maybe I’ll become more like Him.

Have you surrendered it all? Do you ever find yourself  literally with your arms stretched out to Him offering your whole self, flaws and all?


October 19, 2009

Its been a week since my life took a big change from working what seemed like every waking moment to just a measly 25 hours a week. I feel a bit lost with all of this home time I seem to have now.

I need to get into a routine. And it may seem weird, but I feel lost as to what my routine should look like. Because I do work, and its not always the same times but the same 4 days. I need to fit in time with God, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, bills, time with Abbey while Ethan is at school and time with Ethan when he gets home. I’d also like to maybe…just maybe for the first time in about 3 years….exercise.

I need a plan cause thats how I roll. But I am staring at a blank page not sure where to begin with this routine. Is there anyone who has a routine that I can get a jumping off point from??