June 2, 2009

Mark Batterson wrote this on his blog the other day and hit me square in the eyes.


He is the Holy Spirit, who leads into all truth.” John 14:17

I think most of us wish the Holy Spirit led us into all comfort. We might even settle for partial truth. But all truth? Most of us would rather surround ourselves with people who will simply validate what we falsely believe about ourselves. That isn’t the Holy Spirit. Like a good counselor,He’ll take you places you don’t want to go so you can get where He wants you to goHe’ll reveal things you don’t want to know so you can become who He wants you to be. 

I think many of us get frustrated at times because it seems like God is silent. Here’s a thought: if you cannot hear the voice of God maybe it’s because you aren’t willing to hear everything He has to say? 

You can’t tune out His convicting voice and still hear His guiding voice orwise voice or comforting voice. You cannot listen to half of what the Holy Spirit has to say. It’s a package deal. If you tune out His convicting voice you won’t hear anything He has to say.

You never want to ask God to make you more like Him. You never want to say things like “take all of me.” Because He will bring things into your life that will cause you to be more like it. Its really annoying but the end result is worth it. I know this is called pruning, to allow the fruit to grow. Its painful. But it will be sweet in the end.