I’m finding it so hard to blog these days. Its weird. There is never a shortage of things I want to say. Its just finding the time to type it out. 

I can say that right now I am tired. I have said this before but I would love to be able to take a vacation from my mind. I’ve come to realize that there is not much in my life that I can control. I just haven’t come to learn how to stop thinking, praying, pondering, questioning them. Its really quite exhausting. I think this is why people turn to substances or behaviors that allow them to forget for a while. I don’t do that, so I just think. 

I know that I should think on things that are true, lovely, honorable, and of good report, if there be any virtue or be any praise, think on these things. philipians 4:8 (If there are any recovering missionettes out there, you will know that one by heart) This is a challenging task for a “realist” like me. But it is from the word which is my guide for living. So I know I need to practice it.

What about you, what do you do to turn off your brain?


2 Responses to Think

  1. Deb says:

    Jill that is where the concerts in my basement come into play. I have always lost myself in music. In the past few years it has been christian fiction. Plus a great walk w/ or w/out my kids and dogs is good medicine. If all else fails I do one of 2 things….I go to Target or Walmart and just walk around or I call my momma.

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