The boss

I’ve always been bossy. Never lacking in leadership courage. Not afraid to speak my mind, tell people whats what. 

Now I get paid to do it. Not much. But its something.

I am the new store manager of the cuteest little starbucks in Kansas City.  

I have some huge things to accomplish. A hundred things that I want to see done, today. I realize it may take a while. It is a struggling store but filled with great partners. It needs to start making some money or it might get the ax. That puts a ton of pressure on me.  It takes a ton of energy to coach a team of people that work all different day parts and make sure they are all on the same page. Its only day two and I have already spent way too much time at the store. I’m exhausted. Literally. I miss my kids and my husband. 

BUT,  I am so thankful for the opportunity. God is good and there seems to be some favor on my with starbucks. I’m going to give it a go and see if I can hang with the boss’s out there. 

Any advice?


One Response to The boss

  1. Nancy says:

    No advice Jill, but I am praying hard for you:) You are going to be great as a manager. I can feel it. You go girl!

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