House for sale

April 26, 2009

Our house in South Carolina  is officially for sale once again. The market is worse than the last time we tried to sell it. Yikes.

But we paid some serious cash get it professionally staged. We have a realtor who has been on house hunters and seems to really put some real effort into the details. She has a good track record and has sold a home or two in our very neighborhood. So that is good.

Now we wait. We pray. We pay a mortgage and rent. We tighten our belts until we can’t breathe so we down get into debt. We pray some more. We expect a miracle. 

Pray with us. We are giving our lives to help people find their way back to God. Pray that God will find favor with us and provide us with a miracle that will point directly to Him.


April 19, 2009

Ok, I may not last very long in this new job. 

My second week there and I have had 5 call ins. 5. Two were at 9 pm saying they weren’t coming in to open. They were the key holders. Guess who had to come in, on her day off? I had to authorize one girl to get overtime….overtime is not ok in this company. I may get canned for it. 

I cannot be there every minute. I refuse to. I need to hire some and fire some but can’t do this until I next week when I get back from a conference. For the past five days I have been a nervous wreck because it all falls on me. My district manager has told me I need to turn this store around in a month. I don’t think that is enough time. 

I have definitely thought about what it would be like to just demote myself to a barista and just work part time. If only we could afford that…I would do it today. 

I’m looking forward to getting away to a leadership conference tomorrow. Pray for me that everyone in my store will show up to their shift at least until I get back!


April 16, 2009

I’m finding it so hard to blog these days. Its weird. There is never a shortage of things I want to say. Its just finding the time to type it out. 

I can say that right now I am tired. I have said this before but I would love to be able to take a vacation from my mind. I’ve come to realize that there is not much in my life that I can control. I just haven’t come to learn how to stop thinking, praying, pondering, questioning them. Its really quite exhausting. I think this is why people turn to substances or behaviors that allow them to forget for a while. I don’t do that, so I just think. 

I know that I should think on things that are true, lovely, honorable, and of good report, if there be any virtue or be any praise, think on these things. philipians 4:8 (If there are any recovering missionettes out there, you will know that one by heart) This is a challenging task for a “realist” like me. But it is from the word which is my guide for living. So I know I need to practice it.

What about you, what do you do to turn off your brain?


April 10, 2009

We live in a townhouse that has a mail box that you have to walk to. Imagine that. 

Needless to say we don’t get the mail much. We are lazy. 

I found two bills that were due a week ago. I pay everything on time, all the time, just not this time it seems.  I need to get ebills or something. Do they have that? I pay bills online but can I get bills online?

This might knock my stellar credit down a bit. So disappointing. 

Note, to self, make Nate get  the mail more often. 🙂

The boss

April 7, 2009

I’ve always been bossy. Never lacking in leadership courage. Not afraid to speak my mind, tell people whats what. 

Now I get paid to do it. Not much. But its something.

I am the new store manager of the cuteest little starbucks in Kansas City.  

I have some huge things to accomplish. A hundred things that I want to see done, today. I realize it may take a while. It is a struggling store but filled with great partners. It needs to start making some money or it might get the ax. That puts a ton of pressure on me.  It takes a ton of energy to coach a team of people that work all different day parts and make sure they are all on the same page. Its only day two and I have already spent way too much time at the store. I’m exhausted. Literally. I miss my kids and my husband. 

BUT,  I am so thankful for the opportunity. God is good and there seems to be some favor on my with starbucks. I’m going to give it a go and see if I can hang with the boss’s out there. 

Any advice?