My friend Nancy told me a story I have heard before. Its about a little girl who saved up for so long to buy a pair of plastic pearls. She loved those pearls. Wore them everyday and cherished them. Her dad asked her to give her the pearls. She told her dad he could have her favorite doll, her favorite dress, her favorite stuffed animal…but not her pearls. Dad kept asking until one day she said ok. Her dad took the pearls and she was sad. A few days later her dad came home with a gift. It was a strand of real pearls. 

I know God wants me to give up my most cherished things. And even when I think I have given Him everything…he asks for more. Its a struggle. I’m not sure how to proceed. I fail at times.  But I desire to give them.

So here are my plastic pearls God, I don’t know what my next step should be and  sometimes I question whether you are as concerned about those pearls as I am. I find myself weak at times ready to throw in the towel. But your word says that you are concerned. So the only thing I can do is believe. Sometimes I feel foolish giving you those pearls. But your word says that you use the foolish things to confound the wise. 

So my prayer is make me dangerous, make me deep and make me generous. Give me strength because its crazy hard. Help me believe. Guide my steps.


One Response to Pearls

  1. Erin Young says:

    My students used to ask for me to tell that story to their friends they loved it so much. lol

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