Its normal for children to not tell the truth. But its not ok. 

So the beginning of February Ethan brought home this teeth brushing chart from school. He was to check off when he brushed his teeth in the morning and before bed. He did really well. But somewhere around the 20th he stopped brushing before school. (he is 5 and probably should have been reminded but that is another post). Well the other day we were tucking him in bed and he said that he had forgot his chart and needed to bring it in the morning so he could get a prize. (the prize was fake teeth and he was desperate to have them.) He proceeded to grab a crayon and just check every box. We stopped him and reminded him that he didn’t acutally brush on those days and so we are not going to say that he did. That was lying. 

Fastforward to the next day when Nate picked him up from school. Ethan says “hey dad, I fooled you, I took my chart to school and checked the boxes and got the prize!” Not  very sneaky. So he got in big trouble…big talking to…no video game. But he is supposed to take the prize back to his teacher and tell her that he didn’t tell the truth. 

Its just so weird how they know how to hide things. I want my children to be truth tellers. I don’t want them to feel like they have to hide the truth. I hope this is a lesson. But I think we might see more of this. Ah the joys of parenting.


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