So churches do “series” these days which just means that they take a time frame and talk about one subject. I love this concept. I never remember having “series” in church as a kid. I guess the only thing that came close to a series was when there was a revival meeting. 

Anywho, my husband used to have some really great series at Transit. Anyone remember “Road Trip” or “Intervention” and who can forget “Clutch” (the video to that one was the best!)

But I think the best series are yet to come at Restore. “Chasing the Almighty” was probably the best sermon series on money I have ever heard. And coming up we are talking about “Tough Times.” Who doesn’t need to hear about that?

So come to Restore on Sunday. Hear the band rock out covering the Fray. Hear Troy talk about tough times and what that means for our lives.


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