Reality TV Recap

I’m not sure what is going on with the Bachelor. I would have chosen Jillian. Not because I like her name but she seemed cool. I’ve decided that I do NOT want to get sucked in to this show next season. Its just ridiculous. These women are making fools of themselves over one man. Its just weird. He’s not that great, they never are. But whenever I watch the previews for next weeks show I feel anxious. I mean, Deanna is coming back. They say its going to be the most dramatic rose ceremony EVER….every time. But I get sucked in every time. 

I’m sad they kicked that one guy with the cheek peircing off of American Idol. He was actually good. And they kept the annoying girl. So weird. We shall see. 

Is it weird to be eating a piece of cake while watching the biggest loser? Its almost like I feel like just by watching them workout I’m burning some calories. Not so. I know, I need help. I’m rooting for the Tongan guys. They are fun. I would like to be friends with Bob the trainer. He makes me laugh.

So this isn’t reality TV but I’ve almost decided, almost, that I can’t be  good friends with you if you don’t like 30 rock. That might be a bit harsh but I just don’t think we would have the same humor. I mean, Nate and I laugh out loud at that show. We rewind funny parts to laugh at them again. Ok, I embrace diversity so I’ll give you a chance if you don’t like it. 

Thats all for now.


2 Responses to Reality TV Recap

  1. yzjamie says:

    I could not agree more about 30 Rock. Seriously, Jimmy and I think it is neck and neck (maybe better, I hesitate to say) with The Office.

    Jamie Wise

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