Isn’t She Lovely

Abbey has been sick all week but she is pumped full of so many antibiotics that she was ready for her birthday. I’m not a fan of massive parties for my children when they aren’t going to remember it. So we headed to our local Chuckie Cheese’s. I mean the  kids love it. We found a great coupon that allowed us to have a great birthday for 20 bucks. There was pizza, loud annoying games, Grammy, a mechanical singing mouse, and cheap prizes. What more could a kid want. We got there at 11 because we knew Abbey would need an afternoon nap and boy was I glad we chose that time. By the time we left there was a line out the door and onto the street. 

Abbey is the most precious child. She is, for the most part, agreeable and fun. She is sweet. She is so smart. She is absolutely the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. She is all girl. She wants to wear dresses and crowns all the time. She brings us so much joy. Her little voice can melt your heart. She always wants to cuddle. She is very sensitive and cries if she gets in trouble. She always asks Ethan to hold her hand when we are driving anywhere. We love her.



One Response to Isn’t She Lovely

  1. Kasey says:

    Can’t believe Abbey is 3! It just blows my mind. I guess because we don’t see you much, it just seems like she shouldn’t be that old yet. She’s so sweet and hope she had a really happy day. I’m starting to realize what you mean when you’re talk about your little girl. It’s amazing having a girl!

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