Hate them.

I was presented with a choice that would affect everything. Its not an easy one. They never ever are for me. If only God would send me an email or a facebook message that tells me what He wants me to do. I’ve asked Him to do that for years but He never does. I am hoping for a miracle that will make my decision a no brainer. 

On a a completely different topic, Restore was great today. I love being apart of this church. 

And another topic, I saw an 11 year old play his guitar the other night and I realized I was jealous of him. Sick. I know. I have issues. I thought he was going to show me his 2 chords that he knew and then he pulled out his electric and started playing Stairway to Heaven and Sweet Child of Mine. I have been playing for months and still can’t get the strings to stop buzzing. Its just not fair. So I tried to recruit him for the worship team. So he’s 11 who cares, he rocks!


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