Gag Reel

So I wanted everyone to know something about me. I love the gag reel. I love it when people laugh at times when they aren’t supposed to. So if we rent a movie, the first thing I do is go to the menu and see if there is a gag reel….even before I have watched the movie. 

Nate and I rented a movie the other night that will remain nameless so as not to offend. But the gag reel was so funny that we watched it twice. Oh my, Nate and I were belly laughing both times. 

Speaking of laughing. We spent New Year’s Eve with our friends Chris and Terri. They have kids and so we let our kids run around playing as we talked for hours. I brought one of my favorite books called “If.” It just has a series of questions like “if you had to loose one limb which would you choose and why.” We laughed so hard at eachothers answers. It was great. Because I had to work the next morning we actually left at 10pm but hey we are getting old, what’d you expect?


One Response to Gag Reel

  1. chris says:

    Remember…I will never eat Nate first. It just raises too many questions.

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