I would like to add more pictures to this blog. But I don’t know how to add them without it being this long drawn out process. In fact, we have lost the charger to our camera and haven’t really been able to take pictures. Such a sad story, isn’t it? I don’t even add pics to my facebook because it takes forever. Does anyone know of a fast way to load pictures?

I really really want one of those new HD cameras that take pictures and video. I’ve always wanted to learn to take some nice pictures of the family. Nate actually got me a digital camera book for christmas about 5 years ago and it was way over my head and I didn’t have the right camera. When those cool new cameras go on sale, maybe I’ll save up for one and learn how to take some pics and load them onto this site. 

There’s a random post for ya!


One Response to Pictures

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hey JIll so i know you have a mac and so this will be easy for you. I discovered that mac has this sweet way to upload pictures on to facebook with out ever leaving iphoto. you just go into iphoto then go to export photos and you will have facebook for an option. then you can create new albums or add pictures to an existing one.(also you can tag photos and put comments on the photos before you export them if you want). You then go to facebook and approve the up loaded picture and then you are done. You can’t export more than 60 at a time cause you can’t put more than 60 photos in a album on facebook. I can normally get photos up in about 10 to 15 min. Well i hope this helps! 🙂

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