-My mom flew in on the 23rd and we did some marathon grandma christmas shopping. 

-Its so awesome to have my mom in town. The kids love her and I love her. I love that she picks up my house every 5 minutes. I love that she gets up early with the kids….she kindof has to because she is sleeping on the couch. I love that she tells Nate and I to go out and see a movie. I love that she cooks. and oh my, my mom can cook. I love that we laugh about only things that we can laugh about. 

-The Restore Christmas eve service was unbelievable. We had some sound issues prior to the night and it was pretty stressful to begin with. I was nervous. But when the crowds showed up…and I mean crowds…all was well. The band did an amazing job. Janet included the kids in the night which was such a great moment. Troy delivered a great message. And then the glow sticks….I think the band had the best view of the night seeing all of those people wave the glow sticks for 2 whole songs!

-After some late night wrapping, Santa showed up, ate the cookies, and left too many presents. The kids woke up way early and were so excited. It was great to see the kids get excited about their gifts. My kids would be happy with just one present. They usually want to open up the first one and start playing. They aren’t concerned with how many. Note to self…

-We headed to Nates moms house and had dinner and then more presents. 

-Dec 26th I worked a 12 hour day and now I am off for the next 3 days. Thats right. 3 days. I’m in heaven.


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