Day off Jubilee

That is a silly title but you know, its really hard to think of titles. 

Because I’m married to a really great guy, he allowed me to take a day away from everything. So after his big idea meeting I headed to my old starbucks that I used to dread driving  45 mins to. It began to snow which I thought was a great addition to my day off. I met up with my closest friend in KC and as we talked, each of the other partners working took their breaks with us and we talked forever! It was great catching up with those guys. 

I then went to a movie…by myself. May sound pathetic but hey, you do what you gotta do. It was quite refreshing to just be with myself for a while. 

After the movie I braved the roads (the beautiful snow became the “every other car off the road” kind of snow) to IHOP. No not the pancake place, the International house of prayer. Its a place where you can go and pray 24/7. It was good to spend some much needed uninterupted time with Jesus. 

I had a great day off. I felt guilty that nothing was accomplished…no bills paid, no laundry done and no toliets cleaned but I was burned out and I needed time away. When it was over I wanted about 3 more days just like it…who knows maybe next Tuesday!


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