Ever read that book “Love Languages?” Well I have and it is great. But what I’ve found is that my love language is not gifts. I love Christmas time its my favorite time of year but it has nothing to do with the gift part. I wish I could just leave that part out. 

People close to me will say what do you want for Christmas and I always have trouble thinking of things. I want things like to be a size 4 without putting the cookies away or to go away for 4 months on a vacation or world peace/peace of mind or for my son to magically obey. Things that are really intangible. I would rather spend time talking and getting to really know a person than for them to give me something. 

So I’m that person that will wait until the very last minute to buy a single gift because its just so hard to spend that money. I like the money sitting in my account as opposed to draining it. I’m wondering if I can force my lack of the need for gifts on my children. I would like our Christmas time traditions to be more about love than presents. Maybe focus on one or two really special gifts and not a deluge of things they they won’t play with. We got Ethan drums last year and he doesn’t touch them….that stuff makes me crazy. I also like for people to tell me exactly what they want. Its never really a surprise because I want them to have what they want instead of something I think they want. Do you see my delimma? I’m probably overthinking it which is kindof my MO.

So how do you feel about the whole gift thing. Does it excite you to go out and find the perfect gift? Do you dread this aspect of christmas like I do?


2 Responses to Gifts

  1. Julie (Your Sister) says:

    Im with you it makes me crazy too.. I think that is why I wait til the last possible minute.. you know how I am when I shop I can’t make up my mind for myself how in the world am I suppoe to do that for ump-teen other people…and shopping for mom and dad.. that is the worst cuz they have everything…I have yet to shop for the kids.. I take that back we have bought one “big” thing…. I still have to shop for the kids.. Im sure I will get it done sometime this next week..

  2. Hampers says:

    Nice blog as I love to give and takes gifts. It makes me happy. Your blog is wonderful 🙂

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