A few thoughts

-Cooked and baked with Ethan Wednesday night. We had so much fun. Dad did the dishes and last minute store runs! Abbey wondered around finding things to play with. 

-Was brought a meal complete with all the fixins’ by our small group as I worked on Thanksgiving. Yum! Thanks Erica and Amy for bringing it even before you ate!!! You had me at Amy’s chex mix!

-Went to our old friends after work and ate ourselves silly. Our kids played beautifully together while we talked and talked…it was great fun. 

-Made it through black friday working a 10 hour day. It was relatively painless. I hope starbucks is in the black now!! I need my job.

-Worked 6 days this week and have a Sunday night off. I don’t know what to do with myself…well actually we are going on a date which means movie with no kids!! I love date nights.

-Nate spoke on Hope today as the first Sunday of Advent. He did a great job of spanning 2000 years in 30 minutes and reminding us of who we hope in. I don’t know if anyone else gets his humor but he sure makes me laugh. Oh and what about that bumper?!


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