Have you heard?

Restore is already building a church building!!

In Haiti. 

We presented to the church a few weeks ago that we wanted to build a church in Haiti. It was going to cost 50,000. Troy had someone outside of Restore say that if we raised 25,000 they would match it. We were going to take one offering. 25,000 was going to be a stretch. 

But there is a clear feeling of generosity at this baby church. People give their time to serve every week and at servefests every month. Why wouldn’t they give of their resources. They did. Our Sunday morning offering was 64,000. That is not including the person who is matching!!! Our people gave 64,000 in one Sunday. 

So we are building a building. And it looks like we are building a group of people that really get what it means to “Be the Church!” When people find their way back to God, they do amazing things.

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