We are renting this townhouse in the Northland. Its extremely old, paper thin windows, but it has fresh new carpet and newer appliances in it…including a new fridge that the staff blessed us with (thanks again by the way!!) Well today I needed to clean before going to work. I had a few hours and wanted to hang with Abbey some so I tried to hurry. I squeezed the toliet bowl cleaner in the toliet in the kids bathroom. As I was letting the bleach work its magic I hugged the toliet to clean that part on the bottom with the bolt that gets all nasty. I felt something cold on my leg and noticed that I guess when I sqeezed the cleaner, it got on the side of the toliet and was now on my favorite comfy pants….and somehow on the arm of a brand new long sleeved t-shirt. Gigantic bleach spot. I was so mad. I went to change so I didn’t get anymore bleach on something and when I came back thats when I saw it. A big bleach spot on the floor of the bathroom. No big deal right? Wrong, did I fail to mention that the bathroom has the fresh new carpet in it?? I know what you are thinking who in their right mind puts carpet in a bathroom? Well apparently these people do and now I’ve ruined it!! 

Anyone know how to fix bleached carpet?


P.S. now I’m wondering what mishaps are happening to the house we own in South Carolina…oh great.


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