Thursday night we went to see Coldplay perform at the Sprint Center. They were amazing. Here are some highlights of the night:

-Met up with friends for dinner first. Waited in line forever and then waited for our food forever. Missed the first act as well as most of the second. 

-Glad we missed them because they weren’t good. Smart of Coldplay to put yucky bands ahead of them so as not to steal their thunder.

-Our seats were at the top of the Center. We were looking down at the stage. So they were actually good because we saw everthing…from a side view…

-Two drunk blonde chicks decided to stand for almost the whole concert….we are at the top why would you need to stand? But they did and so everyone behind them had to also. It was funny when they would sit for a second you would see the whole section sit in relief…but then they would stand again. 

-I love Chris Martin as a lead singer not only because he has a great voice and writes great music but because you can tell he loves his music and it brings him joy. If he were David he would surely have danced. I mean I have never seen anyone run in place while playing the guitar until last night. And sing while also doing a backwards summersalt. Truely amazing. 

-I did not see Gweneth or Apple. (although I would love to hear a duet between Gweneth and Chris someday)

-“Fix You” is and was the best song. I love it. Absolutely love it. 

-Well every song they did was great, actually.

-Why is it that everyone who is not from KC thinks we are in Kansas. I realize there is a place called Kansas City, Kansas but its Missouri, Kansas City, Missouri. I let it slide with them though because they are from a different country. 

-Had a great night and didn’t want it to end. I could have listen to them all night. In fact, I’m about to put on the playlist right now!


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