A few thoughts

November 30, 2008

-Cooked and baked with Ethan Wednesday night. We had so much fun. Dad did the dishes and last minute store runs! Abbey wondered around finding things to play with. 

-Was brought a meal complete with all the fixins’ by our small group as I worked on Thanksgiving. Yum! Thanks Erica and Amy for bringing it even before you ate!!! You had me at Amy’s chex mix!

-Went to our old friends after work and ate ourselves silly. Our kids played beautifully together while we talked and talked…it was great fun. 

-Made it through black friday working a 10 hour day. It was relatively painless. I hope starbucks is in the black now!! I need my job.

-Worked 6 days this week and have a Sunday night off. I don’t know what to do with myself…well actually we are going on a date which means movie with no kids!! I love date nights.

-Nate spoke on Hope today as the first Sunday of Advent. He did a great job of spanning 2000 years in 30 minutes and reminding us of who we hope in. I don’t know if anyone else gets his humor but he sure makes me laugh. Oh and what about that bumper?!

Turkey Day

November 27, 2008

We only have one real tradition that I have tried to keep and hold on tight to in my family.

That is Thanksgiving day. I think I have only missed one of my family’s Thanksgivings since I can remember. That one was most memorable and spent with Nate’s family for the passing of his father.  But other than that time, we always have 20 or so people with a few strays. We always go to Calvary’s morning service and they always have a reading that has the congregation saying “his love endures forever” 50 times and each time I giggle.  My uncle always prays for 20 minutes before we can eat and we just want him to end so we can eat. He always makes us say what we are thankful for. My mom always makes the gravy and cranberry sauce which I put all over everything. We always plan our meals so that we can make sure and have sandwhiches/leftovers later. We watch football, parades and play all kinds of games that always end in roaring laughter. We almost always go to a movie late in the evening and the movie is almost always bad. We almost always stay at my aunts house until most of the adults are snoring on the couch. 

This year…I’m working. I’m so sad to miss this tradition that I have tried to keep and bring to my kids. I know its just a season and may not always be like this…but I’m still sad.

This year after I get off work we are heading to our old friend’s house and chilling with their family. I’m bringing the cranberry sauce, sweet potato’s, broccoli casserole, chocolate chip cookies and bread. We have such a great time with them so it should be very memoriable.

What are your traditions?


November 25, 2008

Was watching Heroes the last night. Some of the characters traveled to Lawrence, Kansas. I’ve been to Lawrence, Kansas….and someone should tell the producers that there are no mountains in Kansas. Its probably one of the flattest states. I loved seeing the picturesque cornfields with mountains lining the background. Funny.

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

November 24, 2008

Well not really. But my home is. I have gotten all of my decorations out and up. The stockings are hung and the cinnamon smell is in the air. We have begun to listen to non stop christmas music. The kids have their mini trees all decorated in their rooms. 

Now all I need is some snow.


November 23, 2008

Today was another great Sunday at Restore. The service was short and sweet. Troy gave the great news that not only will we build a church in haiti but 2 children’s homes where a ton of orphans will call home. I was so moved by the video and that we are apart of changing the world through love. 

And then we had 5 planned baptisms and 2 people who were moved to be baptised on the spot. So cool.

Have you heard?

November 19, 2008

Restore is already building a church building!!

In Haiti. 

We presented to the church a few weeks ago that we wanted to build a church in Haiti. It was going to cost 50,000. Troy had someone outside of Restore say that if we raised 25,000 they would match it. We were going to take one offering. 25,000 was going to be a stretch. 

But there is a clear feeling of generosity at this baby church. People give their time to serve every week and at servefests every month. Why wouldn’t they give of their resources. They did. Our Sunday morning offering was 64,000. That is not including the person who is matching!!! Our people gave 64,000 in one Sunday. 

So we are building a building. And it looks like we are building a group of people that really get what it means to “Be the Church!” When people find their way back to God, they do amazing things.


November 18, 2008

We are renting this townhouse in the Northland. Its extremely old, paper thin windows, but it has fresh new carpet and newer appliances in it…including a new fridge that the staff blessed us with (thanks again by the way!!) Well today I needed to clean before going to work. I had a few hours and wanted to hang with Abbey some so I tried to hurry. I squeezed the toliet bowl cleaner in the toliet in the kids bathroom. As I was letting the bleach work its magic I hugged the toliet to clean that part on the bottom with the bolt that gets all nasty. I felt something cold on my leg and noticed that I guess when I sqeezed the cleaner, it got on the side of the toliet and was now on my favorite comfy pants….and somehow on the arm of a brand new long sleeved t-shirt. Gigantic bleach spot. I was so mad. I went to change so I didn’t get anymore bleach on something and when I came back thats when I saw it. A big bleach spot on the floor of the bathroom. No big deal right? Wrong, did I fail to mention that the bathroom has the fresh new carpet in it?? I know what you are thinking who in their right mind puts carpet in a bathroom? Well apparently these people do and now I’ve ruined it!! 

Anyone know how to fix bleached carpet?


P.S. now I’m wondering what mishaps are happening to the house we own in South Carolina…oh great.