-Thanks to the controversial antibiotics, our family is healthy.

-I sliced my thumb open at work and had to get stitches but I waited too long so they had to put steri strips on it. I may never be able to “pick” the guitar. ok, its not just because of the injury…its just hard.

-Nate spoke last Sunday and did a smashing job. (insert Dave Jane accent here). My favorite quote was “doesn’t the Incarnation make you think of Carnation instant breakfast? It doesn’t? oh I’m just weird.”

-Since the Halloween costume debacle, Ethan has worn his costume everyday, everywhere…including church. He is making us pay.

-Had my first parent teacher conference ever. Just like we knew, his teacher says he is one of the brightest students she has. She is going to have him mentor other kids in reading. He is far and above where he should be in reading. Coloring is a different issue. He needs help with that. And he is very social. I think that is her way of saying he talks to much…we knew that too! 🙂

-We will be hiding in our basement tonight praying against the devil and his holiday….ok, I know you know that isn’t true. Actually we are going to hit a bunch of friends neighborhoods and snag all the candy we can. I’m going as a “30 something mom taking her kids trick or treating.” Beat that!

-Nate and I have a date night this weekend and it has been way too long. Can’t wait.


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