We are “those” parents

Ethan was out of school for 2 days to make sure he didn’t give strep to any other kids. He was so sad because he loves school so much. He went back on Friday just in time for his pumpkin party. He was dropped off and I was off work that day so hanging around the house. Around 11 we got a call from the school. Uh oh. His teacher called to inform us that today was the pumpkin party. Yep, we knew that…and that we didn’t bring him a costume and he was the only one. AHHH. Oh, pumpkin party is code for halloween party where the kids dress up. We had no clue. So we rushed out to target and picked out a costume for him. How sad. When we got to school he was so excited to be Mr. Incredible! Yep, its an old movie but new to us and he was thrilled. AND he was the only Mr. Incredible.

We are so uniformed. I’m not sure how we are to know these things like pumpkin party’s and skating parties. Ugh. Being working parents and involved in school is hard that is all I have to say!!

Pictures will come soon.


One Response to We are “those” parents

  1. bethany says:

    Last year I missed the memo that it was picture day at Parker’s school. I sent him to school in yucky outside play clothes because I thought it was paint day. When I got to his class, everyone was dressed in their Sunday best…except for my child who was wearing a t-shirt with a frog on it. Oh well…those are memories we will later laugh at…hopefully.

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