New Couch

September 30, 2008

When we moved to KC we headed to Nebraska Furniture Company and picked out a super cheap sectional. When we got it I realized that I don’t “love” microfiber. I picked it out because with 2 little ones I wanted to have something durable and easy to clean. But microfiber leaves all kinds of hand prints, butt prints, i mean you can write your name on it if you’d like. I didn’t like it. And then we started hearing creaks and cracks everytime you would move. You get what you pay for and we didn’t pay much!! We had someone from the store come out and look for it and they said that the frame was broken and we would have to pick out a different couch. We looked at the 1000+ couches they had but we ended up picking the one one we got in the first place. But I chose a different fabric. Have you ever tried to pick out fabric that is going to cover a whole couch but is a tiny square? How do you know what it will really look like. I agonized over this decision because the last couch we bought we have had for 10 years. (and still have).

Well we got our new couch and they took the broken one. (Nate actually tried to get them to take the 10 year old couch but they were too smart for that). So the new fabric is….different. Its a camel color and a bit brighter (more goldish) than I thought it would be but hey, its not microfiber and it doesn’t creak. Its been about 6 months since we ordered the first couch so I’m glad for this to be settled.

So come over sometime and sit on our new couch and tell me what you think about the color!!


September 26, 2008

Ever have one of those times in your life where you just can’t seem to shake the tiredness? Right now Nate has been going in too many different directions, I’ve started a new job, kids, loss of Nate’s job….etc. All of this to me equals mental gymnastics. I think and think, anaylze, think some more, and worry. Today was my day off but then I had loads and loads of laundry to do, house to clean, bills to pay, groceries to buy. Needless to say, I’m tired and would love to sleep for a week straight.

In jest, I like to say “Jesus take the wheel.” But really I think I mean it this time.

Hot lunch

September 22, 2008

Ethan comes home once a week asking for hot lunch. We make his lunch each day because we know he is picky and won’t eat anything that is served at school. Its cheaper and it is more healthy this way. We explain it to him but he still asks.

Friday he told Nate that he needed to have oreos in his lunch because he is trading cookies with his friend Cayden. Nate and I had a good laugh about it envisioning the negotiating going on at lunch time.

Oh how I wish I could be there seeing these moments. So cute!

He gives and takes away.

September 21, 2008

Music is what affects me most in life.

God knows that.

I guess He was trying to prepare me last week by having me sing/practice songs that I would need this week.

“I cannot believe that you are angry or unjust
You have done nothing but have compassion on us
Be near when I’ve given up
Be near me”

He gives and takes away. I want to be a person that is not shaken by circumstances. One that is strong and confident in the provision of my God. I’m not there yet. Getting good practice though. Blessed be your name.

Launch Day

September 14, 2008

Today we launched our 2 services at Restore. It was a great service. We are in a series called “With” about relationships. Tommy and the band did a great job covering U2’s “with or without you.” It was fun to be a apart of worship today. I sang a song about asking God to be near to us and both times I sang it it spoke to me. Troy gave an inspiring message. Nate did a great video. We closed the service with “God of this city” which always serves to remind me why we are doing what we are doing.

From what I hear we had about 515 people which is awesome. Greater things are yet to come in this city!!


September 10, 2008

There’s a song I used to sing called “He is able.” Every time I sing it, it speaks to me. One of the verses say “We’ve prayed as best we can, now we must leave it in His hands.”

I have prayed for a very specific thing to happen for a while. After a string of what seemed like unanswerd prayers I was getting pretty frustrated with God. I found myself not praying anymore for specific prayers. Just generally asking God to move. I think it was more like not my will but yours be done.

Well the news is that I am moving on up to the Northside. To a deluxe apartment in the sky. Not really but I had to go with it. Anyway, I have been promoted to assistant manager at the Liberty starbucks. This is an answer to prayer. Its not the answer I was hoping for. I was hoping for a bag of money to fall out of the sky so Nate could whittle his 3 jobs down to one and focus on Restore. Maybe I could just work part-time with that bag o’money and focus on my children and Restore. It may not be the answer I was looking for but its an answer and its great. I am now going to drive 15-20 minutes as opposed to 45. I’m one step closer to getting my own store. Its a slight raise which is always nice!

I have no idea what God is up to but I believe his is able to do more than I can ask for. So I am thanking God today for this blessing.


September 7, 2008

Today was an amazing day at Restore. We had a preview to the two services that will be having. Its so amazing to me how the leaders at Restore are able to reproduce themselves in others. Both services were full. We had testimonies. We had baptisms after both services and it was so impactful. We are a church family now and everyone made the journey to the pool to support those making this big step. After every bapism the crowd cheered. I tried to get “the wave” started but it was short lived. God is awesome and exciting things are happening at Restore!