American Idol tour

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Nate scored some free tickets to the American Idol tour for tonight. I was really excited because although I have been to many concerts most of them have been in smaller venues. The last time I was in a arena for a concert was for DCTalk and the time before that was for the New Kids on the Block so its been a while. 

So here’s the recap. It is pretty much like watching the show. They let each idol sing 3 songs starting with Chekeze who was number 10. They were all pretty good. Micheal Johns was really great. Carly was amazing too. Seysha sang flawlessly. David Archeletta sang well but creeps me out. The real star was David Cook, of course. He was great. He has a great voice but is a rocker. He had so much charisma on stage. And of course the crowd went crazy for him, being the hometown boy and all. He came out wearing a Royals jersey which got everyone going. I look forward to David Cook really making it and not sinking into obscurity. 

I’ll say this, it was good but I’m glad it was free because that makes everything better. (and I don’t think I would have wanted to pay a bunch of money for that). I am so much of a people watcher that I enjoyed watching people respond in this situation (and silently making fun of them). A highlight was that there was a pop tart mascot that stood in an entrance tunnel by where we were seated and danced around as if no one could see him. 

So although I have never voted, the rightful winner was David Cook and I look forward to buying his cd when it comes out.

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