Book Review

Nate signed up for a free book if you review it on your blog. So naturally I am reading it too. Its by Mark Batterson who is the pastor of a church in Washington, DC. I have connections to Mark through his family and have been interested in what is happening at his church for a while now. I read his first book, In a pit with a lion on a snowy day a few years ago which was life changing. 

This book is called Wild Goose Chase. And I cannot recommend that you read this book. Thats right, thats what I said, don’t read this book. 

If you read this book things are going to change within you. You are going to find yourself wanting to step out and do something crazy. Something that doesn’t really make sense to the real world. That small voice that has been nagging you to be the person you know God wants you to be…its going to get louder. And most of the time this change isn’t easy. Its difficult. But you know it has to be done and you have been fighting it. 

So don’t read this book if you want things to stay the same. To go on with life as usual. Because if you read this book, you might start chasing that Goose into places you never dreamed of!


One Response to Book Review

  1. Nate says:

    I like your review better than mine.

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