Great, just great

Just when I thought Nate and I couldn’t live our lives anymore on the edge…without security anywhere in sight….it got even more up in the air. The job that I have been relying on, hoping to move forward in, needing to provide for our family, decides to close 600 stores nationwide. I will find out mid-July if this affects me or not. I don’t understand the nature of buisness but I do know that everyone is feeling the pinch of the economy. For someone like me who needs to feel safe…which is laughable for Nate’s line of work….this does a number on me. So needless to say, we need some prayer. We came here to bring people back to God and I find it hard to focus on that when I wonder if we will have jobs.


2 Responses to Great, just great

  1. McCool says:

    jill~ you probably don’t remember me from college, but i lived in horton with nate. i read this post and it moved me. i’ve been planting churches since college and always worked a secular job so it didn’t burden the church. God always supplies, always. If its not Starbucks its something better and more fulfilling. Praying for you.
    Romans 8.28

  2. […] Sometimes I don’t know what to do with this blog. I believe that the right thing to do here in this space is to stay positive. But what happens when positive things aren’t happening? Well I checked out, which is why I have had 2 posts in two weeks. The last two weeks for us has been a major challenge. A lot of the reason for that, Jill explains here. […]

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