July 28, 2008

Today was a great day at Restore. We did an acoustic worship set which was great. We focused on giving. The songs and message flowed together so well. It was such a reminder that we need to give our all to Jesus because He paid it all for us!


July 27, 2008

I’m totally digging this new band that my friend Dane introduced me to. Its called Mika and most of the songs are upbeat and fun…music you can dance to. They resemble Queen. They have a song called Grace Kelly which could quite possibly become my theme song. It says among other things: “why don’t you like me, without making me try.” I’ve found that its hard to find people who truly accept me for me flaws and all. Thankfully, I have a Savior who says come just as you are. Psalm 139 is one of my favorite passages in scripture because it talks about how God knows everything about us and that he shaped us from the inside out. I don’t have to try to be something that I think will be accepted…He always has and always will take me as I am.

I have digressed into an sermonette but back to my original thought…log onto my muxtape to Grace Kelly by MIKA.

The Zoo

July 23, 2008

We took the kids to the Kansas City Zoo today. We thought it was going to be cool but it ended up being so hot. The kids were amazed by the elephants and giant turtles.  Nate is in love with seals/sea lions. So we watched a sea lion show. Then we proceeded to walk to Africa….and it literally felt like we walked to africa. That is the biggest zoo I have ever been in. I felt like I need Bear Grills from Man v. Wild with me to find some water so I didn’t die of dehydration. The Africa section is beautiful and literally feels like you are in africa with probably a little more greenery and coke machines.  I’m used to the Lincoln Park Zoo in downtown Chicago where everything is nice and compact. Needless to say after walking to Africa and back we were dripping in sweat and done with the zoo. We will need to make another trip so we can see Australia. It was a fun family day and we will have to do it again.


July 22, 2008

I value friendship. I have noticed that throughout my life at different stages or different places there has always be that friend that is truely a best friend. I think it is because I don’t do surface very well. My best friend as a child was Kathy and she and I are still very close. Its really nice as a married couple when the husbands and wives like eachother equally. Dave and Kasey would be those friends for us. We were on staff together and developed this amazing friendship. One where we just liked being with each other even if we weren’t doing anything special. I’m so thankful for my really good friends. I cherish them.

Since moving to KC it has been hard for me to connect because about 10 hours of my day is spent driving or working in a different town. But I have prayed for some special friendships to develop here. Last night I went out with 2 girls from my work after work. We ate and watched Mama Mia. Had a great time.

This past weekend Nate and I went out dinner with my childhood/college friends. They are on staff at a church in a suburb of KC. It was one of those dinners that felt like you needed weeks to catch up or talk about all you wanted to talk about. It was filled with laughter and fun. 

These friendships aren’t the ones I expected to develop but I am learning to expect the unexpected. I’m so thankful for the unexpected.


July 20, 2008

Today was sizzlin’ day at Restore. My husband was sizzlin’ in more ways than one but one of them being that he brought the heat with his mad preaching skillz. Not to mention his mad video skillz. He pretty much can do it all. 

It was sizzlin’ in the school without the a/c. Sweat was my accessory for the day and it wasn’t attractive. 

We had some sizzlin’ gregorian chant at the top of the service to pump up the congregation. Along with a little shout the lord action. I was hoping we’d sing a song about heat such as: Burn for you, Fire fall down, or Set me on fire. Luckily we saw a clip from elf that made me think of christmas which made me think of winter which made me think of being cold. 

It was a great sizzlin’ service all around. 

Inspite of the heat, Restore continues to grow in number and grow towards God and grow closer together as a church. Its exciting to watch it all unfold!

Load off

July 18, 2008

My Bux is safe.


July 15, 2008

Restore continues to amaze me. This Sunday was no exception. Worship was great. Troy gave a message about patience that was moving and timely.