I love the….

Anybody ever watch those “I love the 70’s, 80’s 90’s” shows on VH1? I love them. They bring me back and add some comedy to life. Well, now they have one called “I love the new millennium.” Its a bit early because we aren’t even to 2010 but it has added some comedic relief when I get home at 11 p.m. from work and need to wind down.

On a completely different note, go try the new Blended lemonade from Starbucks…its really yummy. Or add some strawberry for a little kick.


2 Responses to I love the….

  1. Jesse says:

    Hey Jill – keep a bloggin away, you are gifted!

  2. Deb McClure says:

    Jill…I love those shows too!!! I haven’t seen the new one that you were talking about but I love the 80’s one for obvious reasons but now I have MacKenzie (my 15 yr old) hooked on them too. We watched part of the I love the 80’s 3-D…it cracked us up. See Ya Sunday Deb

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