Swimming lessons

We took Ethan to his first swimming lesson last night. He swims in pools all the time but I want him to really know how to swim like holding your breath underwater or floating. The thing about Ethan is that he is hard to teach things too. He is very stubborn and wants to do things his own way. I have learned parenting him that sometimes he doesn’t react like we would like him to. I want to see him jump in and meet friends and have a great time. He didn’t get in when the teacher said jump…even though he has jumped in pools a hundred times. When she would speak to him he ignored her. He just clung to the side as if he had never seen water before. There were about 20, 5 and 6 year old kids and most of them were doing the backstroke. The lesson is only 30 minutes and halfway through he told them he had to go to the bathroom and spent a good portion of the time in there. This was the first day where they check readiness and I’m sure they will put him in the most basic of classes. I’m hoping that he is just shy and when he gets used to his environment he will open up and enjoy himself.

Abbey didn’t understand why she wasn’t getting in the pool and cried all the way home saying “I need to swim too.” She always wants to do what her big brother is doing!


One Response to Swimming lessons

  1. Tammy says:

    Hey Jill,
    When Erica took swimming lessons she sat at the edge of the pool for 3 days. I had to leave one day and get groceries. When I returned she was jumping in over her head.
    Go figure…

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