Song Writing

I love music. I love to sing it, I love to hear it. There is always…always some song in my head.

I have never written a song. But it literally fascinates me how songs are written. I truely appreciate the art of it. If I hear a song that moves me, I always think about how the song came about. Was it the lyric, did a tune come first, the beat? Did the musicians get together and just start adding their imput until it was a masterpiece? This applies to all types of music for me. I’ve had some piano and some choir but I don’t know anything about major 4ths or chord progressions. I can’t read music. I wish I did. I would love to know what it is like to create a song.

The reason for this post though, is that my husband loves music too. He is probably more “into” it than I am…although he has no musical ability whatsoever…but he listens to it constantly. If you know him, you know that one of his favorite bands is “Death Cab for Cutie.” We were driving the other day and he had their new album on. As the song “Bixby Canyon Bridge” was playing I recognized a particular rift. After debating back and forth where it was from, we decided that it sounded strangely similar to a song called “Restore my soul” from (one of the first) 80’s christian alternative music band “The Choir.”

This rift has some differences but the core of it is the same sound all together. Did this great new band listen to “The Choir” back in the day? After the gajillions of music made since the beginning of time, can their really be a new sound or is it all just copycat?

Well if you want to be the judge, click on this link and then click on the two songs. The rift I’m speaking of are both at the end of the song. “Restore my soul” starts at about 4:01. Death Cab’s rift starts at 2:47. I know this is so trivial. A glimpse inside my thoughts. And hey, maybe I just introduced you to one of the best old songs and a great new one.

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