April 30, 2008

Restore had their first baptism on Sunday. The school that we meet in has a great pool and that is where we did the baptisms. I was so amazed by the number of people that stayed to be witnesses at this life changing moment. It really feels like people are on board with restore! 11 people were baptised and with each one a celebration occured.

We were sharing the pool with a scuba class. I wondered what they thought of all that was going on. I thought it would just be fabulous if one of them came to us and said they wanted to be baptised too. This didn’t happen but it would have been priceless!

Check out Troy’s blog for pictures.

My very own CD

April 25, 2008

I love to sing. It brings me joy. If I were to say what is one regret in my life it would be not pursuing something with singing. But I can still dream.

I’ve always wanted to have an album. I am not the creative type so I found this awesome way to randomly create your very own band name, album title and even the cover of your album.

Looks like:
“The Great Race” is the name of my band
The title is “be rebuilt everyday”

And here is the cover of my first album.

Now all I have to do is come up with the content. 😉

Here’s how you can randomly create your very own cd too. Don’t cheat. And have fun.

The first article title on the page is your band name

The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

The third picture no matter what it is will be your album cover.


April 23, 2008

Just want to say thank you to Nancy O’Connell and her visiting family for watching my children while I am at work this week.

It says something about the fun they are having if they don’t want to leave.

Thank you so much.


April 23, 2008

is my favorite color.

Oh and also, today I watched Oprah (yes I know she is off the deep end but so am I at times). Anyway, the show was about going green. You know, organic, recycling, global warming. I really don’t want our oceans to be full of plastic water bottles. I don’t want my children eating pesticides. I don’t want to put carcenogens on my skin in my facial lotions or aluminum in my deodorant.

I don’t want these things…but I am a poor girl. I can’t afford organic stuff. I can’t afford to shop at whole foods. Or to buy those organic lotions and cleaners. I usually get the generic brand.

I don’t recycle either. I never have. All of my garbage goes to the landfill. I use paper napkins and paper towels. I also use toliet…paper.

I want to go green. So I propose that someone who cares more than I do and has the resources to do so, make it possible for the lower middle class to go green. If it is really that bad for our earth than why doesn’t someone just quit spraying pesticides on our fruits and veggies? Why don’t they stop giving hormones and anitbiotics to the cows? Why don’t they make “to go” plates and dinnerware out of potatoes? Why don’t they not put cancer causing agents in everything we use? Its a mystery.

The one thing I HAVE done is changed the light bulbs to those weird looking ones. But if I’m being honest, and I always am, I like the others better. But that is my contribution to going green so far. Right now I’m more like light mint green but hopefully I’ll get there.

Kindergarten Round-up

April 22, 2008

Took Ethan to Kindergarten round-up tonight. I was fighting the tears the whole time. He is my first born and soon he will be gone all day 5 days a week. There were days I thought I couldn’t wait for this to happen. Now I think differently. He has never even been to pre-school so this is so very new to both of us.

They had him go get a drink and a tray and carry it to the lunch table and seeing him walk through the tiny elementary cafeteria was surreal. I had all of these thoughts of what his days will be like and how will he eat all of his food without me there forcing him. They let them see the class room and meet all 4 of the teachers. I already know which one I want him to have…but we won’t find that out until August. They had some skills test for them just to see if they were ready for kindergarten. They had letters all jumbled up in rows and would point to each letter and have the child say what it was. Ethan wouldnt say the first letter….because it wasn’t “A”. He told the teacher that “A” goes first and tried to rearrange all of the letters in order. She said she has never had that happen before. But luckily he gave in and he said the letters faster than she could point to them. (yep, he is a genius and has known his letters since 2) 🙂

The next task was to write his name on a plastic pencil holder. The teacher said “Ethan do you want to put your name on the box?” And he said, “Nah, you can go ahead and do it.” And walked off to another project. So….I made him do it.

I feel more nervous about it than he does. I have so many detailed questions that weren’t answered but I guess on the first day of school I will find them out. I’m just not sure that I’m ready for him to be in complete strangers hands for more of the day than he is with us. I know he is going to thrive! Although I do fear he might be a little bit like kid on the movie “About a boy.” He’s going to go around singing to himself. Oh well he and Larry boy will be great friends!

Stuff christians like2

April 17, 2008

You can go to the site and read but I just had to post these! 🙂

#158. Calling someone just “pastor” instead of their first name.

Yeah, for the first years of my life I thought my dad’s first name was Pastor.

#159. The “pray if you feel led” prayer. aka popcorn prayer
This, can be a surprisingly tense moment. At church or in a small group, someone will say, “I’ll open us in prayer, Lisa you close us, and everyone else pray if you feel led.”

Suddenly, there’s an expectation. In less than a minute that opening prayer is going to be finished and you’ll be faced with an incredibly difficult decision. Do I pray? Do I feel led? When do I pray? When is the “Closer” going to speak up and put an end to this prayer? How do I not start praying at the same time as someone else? So many questions, each fraught with danger and intrigue. That’s why I have created the simple, “6 people you meet in a prayer circle.” It’s like that book, “5 people you meet in heaven,” but slightly more sarcastic and bound to sell slightly fewer copies. Actually it will sell none, because here it is:

6 people you meet in a prayer circle:

1. The Almost-er
This is the person sitting near you that is constantly on the verge of praying. You can hear them doing that little breath thing, that little exhale before you are about to speak. And you can hear it because it’s loud in the deafening silence of the prayer circle. Every time you are about to say a prayer you hear the Almost-er and you stop out of courtesy. And then they don’t pray. So you start again and a long exhale from the Almost-er stops you again. It’s quite a little dance.

2. The Gun Slinger
When there are only two people left that have not prayed and the Closer is mentally warming up to end the session, you may find yourself in a prayer showdown. It’s just you and another girl that looks like a heathen right now for not praying. The entire circle senses that the prayers were good but they need one more before the Closer prays. They need one more tiny prayer to kind of wrap things up. But you don’t want to pray and neither does the Gun Slinger. So you sit their in silence across from each other like cowboys in the street, waiting, letting the tension and the awkwardness build until finally someone draws their gun and blurts out, “Lord thank you for this day and everything you blessed us with!”

3. The Opener
You might think the “Closer” is the one with all the power, but don’t be misled, the opener is in control. In addition to often choosing the Closer, they set the tone for the entire prayer circle. If they go long, people after them are going to go long. If they work in cute little jokes to the opening prayer, the people after them are more likely to be casual too. More than that, they don’t need to worry about the Closer or fear someone cutting them off. They can pray and then relax. Their job is over and done in a matter of seconds.

4. The Rambler
Another name for this person is the “Jon Acuff.” This is the guy or gal that sees the chance to pray in front of people as an open microphone. A chance to not so subtly reference everything they’ve recently learned during their quiet time in one long, rambling prayer. And there’s no way to stop them, unless you are married to them. If you are, then like my wife, you can grab his hand and give him a squeeze that says, “I love you, you are good at praying but no one wants to hear about the spiritual mysteries you have uncovered recently in the book of Joel.”

5. The Cave In
Deciding not to pray in a prayer circle is like not giving to a love offering. What you don’t have any love in your heart? What you don’t feel led? You’re the only person in the room that didn’t get led? Maybe we should pray for you instead of doing this prayer circle. Expect at least one person to be the Cave In.

6. The Closer
Closing a prayer circle is like being Spiderman. It’s a gift and a responsibility. Although you get to determine when it ends, you also have to monitor the amount of quiet time that signifies everyone has gone. Because what you don’t want to happen, what the Closer fears the most is the “Encore-ist.” This is the person that goes after the Closer, boldly defying all rules of group prayer. It’s an embarrassing situation for a Closer and for a few minutes afterward it’s hard to make eye contact with them.

Bonus – 7. The Shot Blocker
This one is rare. Hearing this one in a group prayer is like seeing a unicorn. On the highway. With Gary Coleman riding it’s back in the breakdown lane. In basketball, when someone on the opposing team swats your shot with their hand, preventing you from scoring, this is called “shot blocking.” The same thing can happen in a prayer circle. It usually looks like this:

Person 1: “Lord, thank you for affirming my decision to take a new job.”
Shot blocker: “Lord please give Danielle more patience and discernment as she looks for a new job. Help her not rush into anything.”


April 17, 2008

What a difference a day makes.

I have a few days off again because Nate is traveling again. Its gorgeous out today and I spent the day outside running errands with the kids.

Abbey has decided that she is a princess. We don’t call her this and I don’t know where she heard that word. She is such a “girl” and I hope that this continues throughout her life. She already wants to wear pink. She has 2 pairs of shoes. One brown pair and one pink pair. If I go to put the brown pair on she always yells “no, pink, pink.” Its just so cute. When we were at target one day we walked by these disney nightgowns and she went nuts. So I bought it for her and she doesn’t want to sleep in anything else. In fact she doesn’t ever want to take it off. She will look at herself in the mirror and say “princess, princess.” Its a very fun stage!

I’ll post pictures of her soon.