March 27, 2008

My pick for american idol is David Cook. He hails from the KC area. He is awesome. So he is my fav and I hope he wins. 


March 25, 2008

Today is Nate’s 30th birthday. Thats right, he’s growin’ up.

I was planning on sending him skiing with some of his buddies for his 30th. He has always said that if he wasn’t doing this, he would want to be a ski chaplin. I don’t think they have those but he has always been a dreamer! But then we decided to help start a church which changed everything. So instead he sold some stuff on ebay and bought himself the glorious iphone.

We are spending the day working….but later on this evening we are going to a hole in the wall BBQ place in downtown KC. I know he is excited that he is 30 and we now live in his birthplace.

As Abbey says, “Appy Day daddy!”

My new favorite song

March 22, 2008

There is a song by Misty Edwards that I sang with an old friend a while ago. Its called “You won’t relent” I think. Anyway, its a great song. I have been devouring that song if you will.

It talks about how God won’t relent until He has all of my heart. That He is a jealous God and gave his only son so I could be near him.

I really need God to not relent. To keep reaching to me when its hard for me to reach back to him. The chorus says, “come be the fire inside of me, come be the flame upon my heart.”

Today, I remember the sacrifice that was for me. I remember that He did not relent for me. Thank you God that you love me that much. Help me to keep the “flame burning” inside of me when it seems to grow dim. Thank you Jesus for giving your life for me.

And for tomorrow…..

Diet Coke

March 22, 2008

I love me some diet coke. But I have found that the diet coke in kansas city tastes different than the diet coke in chicago. I’m not a fan of the KC version.  I might have to have it shipped to me. Or start drinking water….yikes. 


March 19, 2008

Abbey started whistling the other night. She’s two. I think she might be a prodigy. A whistling prodigy.

3rd week and counting

March 18, 2008

Sunday was our 3rd service. Every week gets better and better. I am amazed by how many people keep coming. There were over 300 people there this week. The worship was fabulash. Troy did a great job of communicating on husbands loving wives. The welcome area is… well… welcoming. There’s a buzz as soon as you walk in. The kids area is wonderful.

The best part was that on our first sunday we asked people to bring food to give to the Kansas City Rescue Mission. This week we had a truck out there and almost everyone who came had food. Its a great way to start a church. Showing people that this isn’t a “bless me” club. Its about what Jesus would do if he started a church in Kansas City.  We are going to continue to unpack what that means.

My job

March 18, 2008

I work at a bux in Independence, Missouri. Its in a weird location. Not near anything but a Hy-Vee grocery store. Its not in an affluent neighborhood. Its very very slow. It is probably the nicest starbucks I’ve worked at. Great lay out and colors. And the people have the best customer service skills. They connect with every customer. They know their names and drinks and stories. I’m used to being so busy that you crank out the drinks one after another so this is nice.

There are very clear reasons why this is the store I was lead to.  I really don’t enjoy the 40 minute drive every day. But there is a work for me to do at this store, particularly to help the manager.