December 20, 2007

I found the camera charger. Yes! Its a festivus miracle.


December 18, 2007

More and more of our friends and acquaintances are contacting Nate about starting Transit in their church. Its pretty cool when you have an idea and a passion for something and it catches on. Nate makes available logos, videos, sermons and ideas on how to start a young adult ministry. You may find a Transit popping up near you!

Last night @ Transit


Transit bonfire


December 18, 2007

Every year we, like most people, head to the mall to see santa. Every year we are ticked off by the highway robbery of the cost to get a pic with santa. So even though they “respectfully request” you to not use your camera, we “respectfully decline.” This year though, we can’t find our camera charger so we purchased the pic.

It was so fun with Ethan this year because he actually talked to santa and really believed that he was santa. His big concern was how they got the sleigh out of the mall on christmas because he said “its not going to fit through those doors.” He was a bit shy but asked santa for drums. Abbey wanted nothing to do with santa and the picture reflects that.

After santa, we went to build-a-bear for the first time. Ethan used to have a stuffed animal named puppy that he took everywhere with him. Puppy got taken away due to discipline issues and hasn’t been back. (we still have him but have waited to bring him back just so he knows we are serious!) Anyway, my mom thought it would be fun to do the build-a-bear thing so Ethan picked out another puppy and put the heart in, stuffed it, washed and brushed it. When it came time to name it, his first thought was puppy. We urged him to think of another name and he chose Beak. I have no earthly idea why but he stuck to this name. He hasn’t put Beak down. He told me the other day that he would like for Beak to be friends with Puppy.

Abbey is too young to appreciate that so she just watched. If we can get settled somewhere someday, I think Ethan would love a real puppy….well one that doesn’t shed or pee on stuff. Do they make those?

Here are the santa pics excluding this year….we gotta find that charger!

Ethan’s first sight of santa at Marshall Fields downtown Chicago
Ethans first Santa Marshall Fields Downtown Chicago
His 2nd year was priceless.
2nd year wasn't a good one
The camera is over here, smile santa!
The camera is over here, smile santa
Abbey’s first look at santa.
Abbey's first look at Santa

Eggs vs. Scorpions

December 17, 2007

This past summer our pastor spoke on the scripture in Luke 11:11 referring to prayer. It has really stuck with me and I have been trying to process through it since then. Luke 11 is the chapter that has the Lords Prayer in it. It also talks about the persistant neighbor who asks for bread in the middle of the night. Then goes on to talk about eggs and scorpions. You can go read it now if you are confused.

Anyway, during that time we were on course to head to KC, MO to help plant a church. We were so  excited. We felt like this was what God had been preparing us for. We were also stressed needing to come up with a way to get there and do this thing we felt called to do. It was getting down to the wire and things were just not happening. And then I heard this sermon about how a father wouldn’t give his son a scorpion if he asked for an egg…and even so won’t our father give us good gifts. Our pastor said one statement that changed my thoughts on that verse. He said when we ask for things what if we are asking for the scorpion when God wants to give us the egg. That for sure threw me for a loop. I began to wonder. I thought I was being like the persistant, shameless neighbor asking until I received…but what if I was asking for a scorpion when God wanted to give me an egg?

I have a degree from bible college. I should know the answers to my questions, but alas I don’t. I realize that these verses are more talking about the gift of the holy spirit. But I’ve heard many messages about these verses about prayer in general too. I think that when things didn’t work out the way I thought they would I began to think God was holding back. Maybe because I was asking for the wrong thing, the wrong way. This is foolish thinking. God is good and I know this.

Yet I’m still asking God for that egg…shamelessly and persistantly.

Nate and I are still trying to figure out what 2007 was all about and how to use that passion that we have.  What was it all for and where are we headed.


December 16, 2007

Yep, in one weekend and I’m done with my shopping! 


December 14, 2007

The other day I had a converstion with a co-worker. He was saying that he went to the library at his college to study. I asked him if he had to look anything up and he said he used the internet for that. It got me thinking about my college days and how I loved going to the library. The smell of the books. The quiet. Trying to be quiet with the people you were sitting with. We had a computer lab and it was only used for paper writing. The internet was so new.  

I think about my kids and how they probably won’t use the library much. Will they know what the word Dewey Decimal System means? Will they have to search through those little drawers for that little card and then search the rows of books for that number?  Probably not. They will google everything and find stuff so much quicker.

Libraries may be getting less use and the internet is taking over…but at least we aren’t in Jetson flying cars like I thought we would be by now.

46 cars

December 14, 2007

Thats how many cars I helped get through the drive-thru in a half-hour. Thats pretty good considering we had inside customers too. Its also good considering we make the coffee as ordered and its not sitting pre-made. As I left work today at 9 am there were cars wrapped around the building. People love their starbucks. I do too.